About Peter Hess® bowls

The origin of the singing bowls in Tibet and Northern India for the most part still remains a mystery.

Their original function has not been wholly determined.


Literature discusses their use as a resonance body or sacrificial bowl in ritual applications but also their use as crockery. Peter Hess did not find any definite statements on this either, in spite of many years of investigations on his numerous journeys all through the Himalayas and his visits to monasteries.


Today, because of increased demand, there are only few antique singing bowls of good quality. Often new bowls can be found that neither correspond to the old metal alloy nor are fabricated in the traditional way.


Since the start of 1990 Peter Hess has been trying to track down the knowledge covering the traditional composition and fabrication of singing bowls.



After a few failures he succeeded in early 1997 to revive

the traditional fabrication of singing bowls

in the old composition of 12 metals.

These new singing bowls with the Peter Hess products® seal of quality,

that are produced according to ancient tradition,

guarantee constant quality throughout.